1995-1998 Chevy / GMC C/K 6.5L Turbo Diesel Install Guide

1995-1998 INSTALLATION GUIDE GlowShift.com © GlowShift Gauges, LLC | All Rights Reserved 6.5L TURBO DIESEL 6 Pyrometer EGT Gauge Installation 1. Confirm the exhaust is cool to the touch during this process. 2. We recommend installing the EGT probe in a pre-turbo location on the manifold to ensure the most accurate readings. Installing the EGT probe in any other locations can cause significantly inaccurate readings. 3. In order to gain access to the Exhaust Manifold, remove the passenger front wheel with a 22mm Socket. 4. Remove the inner wheel liner using a 13mm Socket and a panel pop tool. 5. Locate the Exhaust Manifold on the passenger side of the engine bay. Mark the manifold using a Center Punch in a location where the crossover pipe from the driver side manifold meets the passenger side manifold. 6. Starting with a 1/8” drill bit, drill your pilot hole into the manifold and gradually step up in drill bit size until you reach the Size R Drill Bit. Note: Clean the manifold with a Pen Magnet and Vacuum to ensure no shavings are present in the manifold. 7. Use a 1/8-27 NPT tap to thread the hole. Cutting Oil should be used to make threading the hole easier. Once again, use a Pen Magnet and Vacuum to remove any shavings. 8. Use Anti-Seize on the EGT Probe Threads. 9. Using a 14mm Wrench, slowly thread the Ferrule Fitting Adapter into the 1/8-27 NPT hole you just tapped and tighten until snug. 10. Slide the EGT Probe into the Ferrule Fitting Adapter so that the tip of the probe is in the center of the exhaust and tighten using a 14mm Wrench. Note: Do not overtighten the Ferrule Fitting. SECTION 5 6. 10. 11. Now that the EGT Probe is installed, run the lead wires up to the firewall on the driver side of the engine bay and secure the wires using Zip Ties to ensure there is no contact with any direct heat source or moving parts. 12. Reinstall the wheel well liner. 13. Reinstall the wheel to manufacturer specifications. 14. Lower the vehicle.