07-13 GM Duramax Install Gauge Install Guide for Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra Duramax

2007-2013 INSTALLATION GUIDE GlowShift.com © GlowShift Gauges, LLC | All Rights Reserved GMC SIERRA CHEVY SILVERADO DURAMAX 4 SECTION 4 Warning: Be sure that the transmission is cool before removing the transmission cooler line. 5/8” Transmission Line T-Fitting Adapter Installation: 1. Safely jack up the truck, if not raised already. Locate the cooler feed line on the passenger side of the transmission housing. Note: The lower line is the cooler feed line and the upper line is the return line from the cooler. 2. Using a Pick Tool, release the plastic retaining clip cover and slide out of the way. Release and remove the retaining clip from the transmission. Slide the line out of the transmission case and drain the fluid from the line. Note: Use a drain pan to catch the fluid. 3. Measure and mark the location where you would like to install the T-Fitting. Cut 1-7/8” out of the cooler feed line with a Pipe Cutter (make sure to always use a new blade). Note: You can also remove the cooler feed line entirely from the truck and cut it on a work bench. If the cooler feed line is removed from the truck, up to 4 quarts of Transmission Fluid may be drained from the system and must be refilled with fresh Transmission Fluid once the T-Fitting has been installed. 4. Deburr both ends of the cut line with a Deburring Tool to ensure a proper fit of the T-Fitting onto the cooler feed line. 5. Install the cooler line T-Fitting’s female fittings over each end of the cut line. Then, place the metal cutting rings over each end of the cooler line. (Refer to diagram) 6. Hold the body of the T-Fitting with a 24mm Wrench and hand-tighten each nut. Then, tighten one and one-quarter more turns with a 26mm Wrench to ensure proper sealing of the cutting rings. 7. Now you can install the 1/8-27 NPT temperature sensor into the port on the T-Fitting housing. Note: Be sure to use Teflon Tape on the threads of the temperature sensor to prevent any leaks. 3. 6. 8. If the line was removed, reinstall the line onto the truck and refill the transmission with the proper grade Transmission Fluid. Note: Check the dipstick to ensure the proper amount of fluid is in the transmission according to manufacturer’s specifications. PROPER ORIENTATION Transmission Temp Gauge Installation