07-13 GM Duramax Install Gauge Install Guide for Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra Duramax

2007-2013 INSTALLATION GUIDE GlowShift.com © GlowShift Gauges, LLC | All Rights Reserved GMC SIERRA CHEVY SILVERADO DURAMAX 2 EGT Gauge Installation SECTION 2 3. 4. 7. Warning: Make sure the exhaust is cooled off before starting this process. 1. We are going to install the EGT probe in a pre-turbo location on the manifold to ensure the most accurate readings. Installing the EGT probe further downstream can display a lower temperature reading on the gauge. Note: To install the EGT probe, we are going to use GlowShift’s Drill and Tap Kit. Optional: Safely jack up the truck for easier access to the passenger’s side exhaust manifold. 2. Remove the passenger-side inner fender liner. 3. Locate the exhaust manifold on the passenger side of the engine bay. Mark the manifold using a Center Punch to prepare the Drilling and tapping process. 4. Starting with a 1/8” drill bit, drill a pilot hole into the exhaust manifold. Continue increasing the size of the pilot hole using various drill bits until you reach size R. 5. Using cutting oil, tap the hole to 1/8-27 NPT. 6. Ensure all shavings are out of the manifold by periodically using a vacuum and a pen magnet to remove them. Warning: Failure to remove metal shavings can result in possible engine damage. 7. Apply anti-seize to the threads of the EGT ferrule fitting and thread the fitting into the exhaust manifold. Tighten the fitting with a 14mm wrench. 8. Install the gauge’s EGT Probe into the Ferrule Fitting Adapter, ensuring the sensor is positioned approximately halfway into the manifold. Tighten using a 14mm wrench. Note: Do not overtighten the ferrule fitting. 9. Plug the EGT Sensor Harness into the EGT Sensor. 10. Route the EGT Sensor Harness to an opening on the firewall on the driver’s side of the engine bay and use Zip-Ties to secure. Make sure there is no contact with any direct heat source or moving parts. Optional: Lower the vehicle if it was raised.