92-97 Ford F-Series 7.3L PowerStroke Installation Guide

1992-1997 INSTALLATION GUIDE GlowShift.com © GlowShift Gauges, LLC | All Rights Reserved 6 FORD F-SERIES 7.3L POWER STROKE Installing the Pillar Pod 1. Carefully remove the factory trim from the truck by removing the screws with a phillips head screwdriver. 2. Place the A-pillar pod over the factory trim. Mark and drill holes for the wires to pass through for each gauge. 3. Wrap Teflon Tape around the brass fitting on the back of the gauge, then attach the brass fitting using a 13mm Wrench. Note: Do not overtighten. 4. Feed the wires from each gauge into the pillar pod. 5. Mount the gauges in the pillar gauge pod in any configuration you prefer. There is no specific order required. 6. If you are using the optional 3 or 4 Gauge Wiring Kit, attach all of the wires together. 7. Connect all of the yellow wires using a splice connector. 8. Connect all of the red wires using a splice connector. 9. Connect all of the orange wires using a splice connector. This enables the dimming function that will lower the brightness of your gauges 30% for easier viewing when driving at night. 10. Connect all of the black wires using a splice connector. 11. Secure all wires with Zip Ties. 12. Route the wires through the firewall and into the cab of the truck, keeping clear of any moving parts. Note: You may need to drill a hole in the firewall if there isn’t one already. It is important to use a grommet on the hole to ensure the wires are not sliced or cut on the firewall. SECTION 6 3. 1. 6.