92-97 Ford F-Series 7.3L PowerStroke Installation Guide

1992-1997 INSTALLATION GUIDE 1 GlowShift.com © GlowShift Gauges, LLC | All Rights Reserved FORD F-SERIES 7.3L POWER STROKE Boost Gauge Installation SECTION 1 PREPARING THE INSTALLATION • Check that you have all parts required for installation, and that the engine is cool. • Open the hood and locate the truck’s batteries. Using a wrench, disconnect the negative terminal of each battery to ensure there is no power running through the truck during the installation. Note: When it comes time to wire and connect the gauges to their power source, you will be able to reconnect the negative terminals on the batteries. 1. Locate the MAP line and cut it in half using side cutters. Now that you have the MAP line cut, place hose clamps over the cut lines and insert the T-fitting into both cut ends. 2. Using a flat-head screwdriver, tighten the included hose clamps to ensure a secure fit with no leaks from the MAP line. 3. Take the included brass compression fittings and wrap the 1/8-NPT male thread with Teflon tape to ensure a leak-free connection. Insert the included boost hose into the thread connected to the T-fitting with a 12mm wrench and an 11mm wrench. Using a 3/8 wrench, tighten the compression fittings until the line is snug. Note: Do not overtighten any of the fittings. 4. Once the boost hose is connected, run the hose along the firewall to the driver side of the engine bay and secure any excess hose using zip ties to ensure there is no contact with any direct heat source or moving parts. 1. 2. 4. PROPER ORIENTATION