92-97 Ford F-Series 7.3L PowerStroke Installation Guide

1992-1997 INSTALLATION GUIDE GlowShift.com © GlowShift Gauges, LLC | All Rights Reserved 8 FORD F-SERIES 7.3L POWER STROKE Connecting to Power SECTION 7 1. Reconnect the negative terminals of the two batteries to prepare power for the gauges and to test the fuses for power with a Test Light or multimeter. 2. Attach expandable circuits to both the yellow wire and the red wire. 3. Route the wiring to the passenger side footwell and secure the wires with zip ties. Make sure the wires are not near the pedals. 4. Connect the black wire to a reliable, clean, and unpainted ground source. 5. Remove the passenger side kick panel by unclipping the spring tabs to gain better access to the Fuse Box. 6. Connect the yellow wire to the Fuse #8 (15 amp Dome Light) inside the Fuse Box. 7. Connect the red wire to the Fuse #11 (15 amp Radio) inside the Fuse Box. 8. Remove the trim cover on the instrument cluster cover. Remove both 7mm bolts and remove the headlight switch. Locate the center brown wire and splice into the orange dimmer wires. Note: Do not tap power off the dimmer wheel because it is less than 12v. When this step is complete you can reinstall the headlight switch and any trim pieces removed. 9. Power up the truck to see if the gauges are functioning properly and check for any leaks or loose sensor connections. With the vehicle running, cycle through the gears to help the transmission fluid circulate through the transmission. Top off any fluids if necessary. 10. Press the Color Change Button on the gauges to ensure they are fully operational. Note: MaxTow Gauges do not change colors. The button allows you to change the 3 Daytime and 3 Nighttime Brightness Levels. 11. Test drive your vehicle to ensure all gauges are functioning properly. Note: The Boost Gauge will only read while driving. X. X. 8b. 6.-7. Switched 12v Constant 12v 8a.